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Family Ties The Residences at 400 Central to St. Pete

Developer’s Mother-In-Law Inspires Florida Expansion

Family Ties.

It was Margo Catsimatidis’ mother that brought their family to St. Petersburg. She had fallen for the then sleepy beach town more than thirty years ago and knew that her family would love it, too. She was of course right, and the Catsimatidis family kept coming back for decades. They were enchanted with the white sand beaches and the glittering waterfront. Charmed by the arts scene, the sunshine, and the intrinsically St. Pete character. John and Margo Catsimatidis had developed deep rooted ties to the growing city on Florida’s Gulf Coast. With an unwavering desire to honor their family’s legacy and the dreams of Margo’s late parents, they knew St. Petersburg was the perfect fit for their next paramount project. “My wife’s father and mother urged me to make an investment in St. Pete for many years, and since they passed away, The Residences at 400 Central is being built in their honor and in their memory,” Catsimatidis said.

From Sea to Skyline.

John Catsimatidis’ love of St. Pete is evident in his vision for 400 Central. Enlisting the talents of world-renowned architect Bernardo Fort-Brescia, who was deeply inspired by the city on the water, the team sought to honor what makes St. Pete unique. “When you look from the sky at this region of St. Petersburg, all you see is the way land meets water,” Fort-Brescia said. “Drawing inspiration from the marine surroundings, the rounded form of the building ensures it will never meet the sky with a hard edge — blending seamlessly and changing with the sun throughout the day, adding a dynamic display of light and shadow to the skyline of St. Petersburg.”

A Compliment to The City.

In part, what John and Margo and their family had fallen in love with all those years ago were the local businesses and artists you could only find in St. Pete. In designing The Residences at 400 Central, the desire to honor the heart of the city was carried from the architectural design through all 46 stories. 400 Central is a cornerstone development spanning an entire city block of Central Avenue, walkable to and from the highlights of the city. Truly a destination downstairs, in addition to 301 condominium homes, the project will also include over 60,000 square feet of ground-floor retail and office space. The retail space is being carefully curated to include a selection of boutique shopping, flavorful dining, art galleries, and eclectic entertainment that will add sparkle to the fundamentally charming neighborhood. 

A Place to Call Home.

For condominium owners of The Residences at 400 Central, the building provides a myriad of reasons to find home in St. Petersburg. Open concept floor plans flow seamlessly from light-filled interiors with high-end finishes through floor-to-ceiling glass and large sliding doors that showcase the panoramic views of the waterfront city. Expansive wrap-around terraces allow for prime enjoyment of the warm Florida sunshine.

Step outside your residence and 400 Central will bestow over 12,900 square feet of indoor and 23,100 square feet of outdoor private residential amenities, from ​​the tropical resort-style pool deck to the professional-grade fitness & wellness center. The iconic tower will soar 515 feet above downtown St. Petersburg’s vibrant Central Avenue, capturing breathtaking views from Tampa Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. “It’s going to have an observation deck so you can go all the way up on the 46th floor and look at the stars, look at the moon and fall in love again,” Catsimatidis said. 

For The Love of St. Pete.

Catsimatidis’ passion for the city is apparent not only in his intent behind 400 Central, but also in his want to officially make St. Pete a second home for himself and his family. “St. Petersburg is such a special community, and we are honored to help contribute to the growing vibrancy of this wonderful city,” Catsimatidis said. “I want to build something that I’m proud of, that my family will be proud of, that my kids are going to be proud of. I’m building it, so I want it to be beautiful and iconic.” 

Red Apple Group Real Estate has continually shown their enthusiasm for the Sunshine City through contributions to local gems in the community, such as “Bending Arc,” the Janet Echelman installation at the St. Pete Pier, Florida Craft Art, The Grand Prix of St. Petersburg, and The Poynter Institute. At 2021’s Groundbreaking event, St. Petersburg’s then Mayor, Rick Kriseman, noted “You know a lot of developers come in and out of this city and very few have an emotional connection or a personal passion for our city, but this family does.”

Construction Underway.

The Catamatidis family and Red Apple Group Real Estate’s vision is coming to life. 400 Central has started the preparations for foundation work and excavating the site. “St. Petersburg is a place where I have had family roots for more than 30 years and the future of the city is bright. We are excited to meet prospective buyers and show them the wonderful new homes in the sky that await them. To have so many buyers respond so well, and so quickly, has far exceeded our expectations.” Castimatidis said.